Merger of the Facebook Messengers

Facebook is reported to be merging WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger by early 2020, as Independent states. Aim of the change is the improvement of communication of the billions of users of the apps. The end-to-end encryption of the messenger…

Industry Recap 2018 – Retail

Drugstores and supermarkets have to make a constant effort to make the customers choose their stores over those of the competition. Because the product offering is often very similar, the marketing strategy of the different companies has to be creative…

New Tutorial – How a Publishing Tool creates a better Workflow in your Team

Everyone who is responsible for several social media profiles knows, that posting each post directly out of the respective network is a pain. It is confusing and time-consuming, especially when there is more than one person

Social Media KPIs explained

If you want to know how successful you are with your Social Media endeavors, you’ll need the help of numbers. Numbers and their accountability take you from “gut feeling” to measurable results and are therefore the

5 easy tips to increase your Facebook reach (again)

The purpose of a Facebook page is to reach fans. Otherwise neither the page owner nor the fans would benefit from the whole Facebook-Social-Media-Shebang. That’s why it’s really unfortunate, that over the last few months this