New Tutorial – How a Publishing Tool creates a better Workflow in your Team


New Tutorial – How a Publishing Tool creates a better Workflow in your Team

Everyone who is responsible for several social media profiles knows, that posting each post directly out of the respective network is a pain. It is confusing and time-consuming, especially when there is more than one person involved.

A publishing tool can ease your work in the team and save you a lot of time. In this video, we show you how to use our tool Publish to create, plan and publish your posts on social media.

This is what Publish can do for you

With Publish you can post natively on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For other networks, like LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube, we created a workaround. You create and schedule the posts and we then remind you via email to post it on the network.

Easy Workflow for Teams

All the members of an account can work together on the creation of posts and share feedback in the process. They are notified by the tool about comments or approval requests of team members. These features allow a great workflow:

  • Filing of profiles into profile groups
    Preview with feedback chat
  • Assigning of team members to different profile groups
  • Saving of  attachments (images, videos and GIFs) in libraries
  • Post preview with feedback chat
  • Approval Process with different roles for team members:
    • contributor: is able to edit posts, but cannot publish a post automatically without the approval of an editor
    • editor: is able to edit, publish and delete any post

Pretty and intuitive

We gave our best to make the interface of Publish as pretty and intuitive as possible. This is what you’ll see:

  • Indication of post status (i. e. creation, pending, approved) by color bar below post preview
  • Overview of upcoming, pending and drafted posts including a calendar widget
  • Customizable calendar visualization (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • List view of all posts with filters
  • Custom design

and much more.

Overview of created posts

Join us for a free trial

Do you and your colleagues want to give Publish a try? Come to visit us for a free two-week trial.

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