How to Create Social Media Report Templates

If you want to optimize your reporting, you should definitely try this new feature! Actually there are two … You can now create your own social media reports and cross-account report templates with Fanpage Karma. Create a set of standard…

NEW: Inbox – Organize Conversations by Tags

We have a new feature that is guaranteed to organize your inbox conversations better and improve workflows! From now on, messages that you have assigned to specific topics using tags can be displayed in separate folders. Collect Messages by Tags…

How to analyze in Real-Time

Do you sometimes get very excited about a recently published post and check the network every few minutes to see if people have liked it? Then we have something for you. With Fanpage Karma you can now analyze all profiles…

New customers with Social Monitoring in 4 easy steps

Social Media offer a lot of different ways to help and improve your business with social analytics and monitoring being just as versatile. Our Social Monitoring for example offers at least a dozen great possibilities for

Boost your Monitoring – Fine tune your Keywords

Monitoring is good, advanced monitoring better.

Since last week you can use Fanpage Karma Social Monitoring to monitor keywords on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. That way you never miss a single mention of you, your p

5 things you should know about your competition

Which company doesn’t want to take a look behind the closed doors of its competitors and see what they are planning, which strategies are being developed and what are their biggest hits and misses. Of course, in the end

LSD for everyone – posts need to have value

Having a Facebook page costs a lot of time and dedication, something every page administrator is aware of. Not only to create content, but especially to establish a community. A goal is tha

How do your fans interact with your page?

We have something new. Fanpage Karma always wants page administrators to get to know their fans better. Now we added a new analytic possibility for that: the Fan-Retention.

It’s the goal of every page to reach as many