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Faster, nicer, better – The Top 5 Key Performance Indicators to optimize your Customer Service on Facebook

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In the third and last article on Facebook KPIs in this series, we want to take a look at the service-orientation of many fan pages. Users only rarely distinguish between an official Facebook page of a brand and the official support channels. How you react to those questions and users is increasingly important – and can be measured and improved.

5) Negative Feedback

Negative Feedback shows whether users react negatively to posts for example by flagging posts as spam, un-liking the page or hiding posts. The negative feedback from users should always be taken seriously and analyzed, since it can have negative effects on the whole fanpage in the long run.

4) Fan Retention

Fan Retention shows how often fans interact with a page by liking or commenting content. The more fans interact like that, the more engaged they are: fans that keep coming back and interacting with content from your page are multipliers and should be viewed very positively in general. You should keep an eye on this indicator and take steps to optimize it.

3) Fan Posts

How many posts are being shared on the timeline of the fanpage? In direct confrontation with clients and fans, this KPI is especially relevant. With help from Fanpage Karma you can even determine single posts that attracted a high number of reactions from other users and should be treated as high priority posts.

2) Response Time

How long does it take a fanpage on average to react to posts from fans on a fanpage? This KPI is determined for all posts with comments or likes from the fanpage. Most users expect a reaction within 60 minutes – can your response time keep up with that? The response time shows you, whether a faster reaction time is necessary and sensible on your social media accounts.

1) Service Level

Service Level is offered in two distinctions. The KPI Service Level shows at a glance how high the number of posts by fans is, that was reacted to by the fanpage. You should strive to reach 100% for this KPI – sometimes a „like“ is enough to show the user that his message was seen and is being taken care of. Once you take a look at the detailed analyses you can see how a fanpage reacted to posts by fans: were posts liked, commented, ignored or even deleted? With the help of this evaluation, a review of your customer service and the general sentiment of your fan base is possible, which enables you to optimize your page further.

If you would like to know more about Indicators for Facebook, you can choose between indicators to increase performance or to optimize brand awareness. Find out how to use KPIs the right way with opinions from several experts. Or click to the next part of our series on KPIs to find out more about Twitter and YouTube KPIs and their application.

Are you curious about your own performance? You want to be the master of your own KPIs?

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