Bye Bye Talking About – Time to pick a new KPI


Bye Bye Talking About – Time to pick a new KPI

Some of you already noticed that Facebook removed the beloved “People talking about” (or PTA) from its KPI-arsenal and stopped delivering the values via its API (something that hasn’t happened the last time the PTA vanished). They started removing it from page insights in March and now it seems they finally got rid of it on an international level. So it’s pretty much safe to say: “Talking about” is gone.

But what now? Which KPI is a good “replacement”? “Talking about” was an important number for a lot of you, since it was easy to grasp and compare.

To make it easier for you, we gathered some other metrics, which might even be more fitting for you:

(Don’t forget: Your KPIs should always be connected your business- and/or social media goals.)


Our “Page Performance Index” is a combination of average growth rate and engagement, which gives a pretty good impression of the overall “health” of your page. Since at least one of these two numbers are somewhat important for most pages, it’s also a good metric for comparing and benchmarking.
More details about the PPI can be found here.

Engagement/Post Interaction

If engaging people with your brand’s content is your main goal on Facebook, our engagement rate and post interaction are the right KPIs for you. They tell you how much your fans interact with your posts and if you’re posting too much or too little.

You can find more detailed information and calculation examples here.


Spreading the word about your company/your product is the most important thing for you? Then you should take a look at your reach. You can choose between total reach (how many people saw any activity of your page, including posts, posts by other people, interactions, mentions, ads and page visits) and post reach (how many people saw your page’s posts). If you granted us insights rights, you can access both types of reach directly in your dashboard, the post list and all graphs.

Service Level/Response Time

You want to provide great service via your Facebook page and responding to a lot of user posts in a short time is important to you? Then our service level and response time are the best choices for you. The service level tells you how many user posts actually got a response and the response time how long it took you to answer.

Our KPI guide gives you some more in-depth details of these two numbers and shows you what posts are considered “user posts” and how these values are being calculated.

The right KPI for you

You see: Even without the popular “Talking about”, there are a lot of great KPIs for just about every company. With Fanpage Karma, these numbers are just as easy to analyze and they provide you with a more honest and meaningful analysis, which really helps you being more successful on Facebook.

Check your KPI now for free with Fanpage Karma!

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