These details will help you to see through your competitor


These details will help you to see through your competitor

Have you ever scrolled through your timeline and thought to yourself “Wow, this page is worked out well!”? Relevant content, good communication with the followers, loads of reactions and comments.. This could be you! With Fanpage Karma Analytics you can find out a lot about the strategy of any public social media profile to up your own game. These details will help you with that:

You can analyze all posts a profile posted in a chosen time period according to the performance indicators of its network. The following questions will be answered (and more):

  • What were the top and flop posts?
  • What were the top and flop keywords?
  • What were the most successful hashtags and link-sources?
  • What post length works best?
  • What were the dominant reactions and how are they related to different indicators?
  • What is the best time to post?
  • Which post types (picture, video, link, slideshow, music …) are most successful?
  • What is the ad value of a post?
  • Where do your fans come from? (insights necessary)
  • When are your fans online? (insights necessary)
  • How often are they interacting with your profile on average? (insights necessary)

Also, you can:

  • download the complete list of posts of the set time period
  • create graphs to visualize the development of the profile in different time periods according to different indicators
  • analyze Instagram Stories (insights necessary) and Facebook Videos

to name just a few things.


Do you want to find out how to improve your strategy? Visit us on for a free two-weeks-trial.

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