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LSD for everyone – posts need to have value

Having a Facebook page costs a lot of time and dedication, something every page administrator is aware of. Not only to create content, but especially to establish a community. A goal is tha

A very normal week – Facebook Top Posts Week 23

While in Germany a flood dominated the country and Facebook, the english speaking Facebook world had no dominant topic last week. Probably a good sign. This weeks top posts are a colorful mixture.

Enjoy the Top Fa

Oklahoma – Facebook Top Posts Week 21

The sad news from Oklahoma were definetly one of the most talked about things on Facebook last week. Many of the top posts were information and condolences. As always on social networks, so much is going on and at the sa

Karaoke at the gas station – Top Posts on Facebook Week 19

The top posts are calculated from Saturday to Saturday midnight. That is why mother’s day is not in this ranking this week but will be definetly next week.

Enjoy the Top Facebook Posts of The Week

Sharing is bookmarking? – Facebook Top Posts Week 18

The top post of the last week is a recipe! We never had this before. And what is most interesting about it: They tell people to share this on their on wall as a kind of bookmark. So that they can access the recipe later.

Top Facebook Posts Week 17 was string last week, but this it is on the first place! What do they do right? We never thought grandparents would be a perfect fit on Facebook… 🙂

Enjoy the Top Facebook Posts of The Week

Boston on Facebook – Facebook Top Posts Week 16

The Boston Marathon Bombing was the most discussed topic on Facebook last week. Very moving posts by athlethes, politicians and others are among the most liked and shared Facebook Posts of last week. Still, some hope and

Top Facebook Posts Week 14

Enjoy the Top Facebook Posts of The Week

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