Customer Journey Mapping – Marketing According to the Needs of Your Customers

Customer journey mapping helps you to create content based on your customers’ needs to increase customer retention and achieve higher conversions. We show you how to guide users from first contact with your company to purchase and turn them into…

Oatly’s Social Media Strategy – 3 Tips for Your Instagram Presence

We met for a coffee – with oat milk. We are interested in the success story of the Swedish oat milk producer Oatly. With its slogan “It’s like milk, but made for humans” and their social media strategy, Oatly has…

[INFOGRAPHIC] The impact of time on likes, comments and shares

In times of declining reach and increasing competitive pressure, the best time to post on Facebook seems to become more and more important. Everyone wants to hit the sweet spot when most of his fans are online. But how does a

How you can influence your fans with emotional posts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Interactions in the form of likes, comments, shares, etc. are the holy grail of social media marketing. Anyone who wants to be seen and heard on Facebook must ensure that the fans interact with the content.

Social Media KPIs explained

If you want to know how successful you are with your Social Media endeavors, you’ll need the help of numbers. Numbers and their accountability take you from “gut feeling” to measurable results and are therefore the

The Language Problem on Facebook: How Paulo Coelho Speaks in Two Languages at Once…

Paulo Coelho‘s books have been translated to more than 62 languages. An amazing success that also reflects in his Facebook marketing statistics: Almost ten million fans a