Goodbye Winter – Top Posts Week 12

Winter is finally over and the first signs of spring can be seen. A couple of pictures already made it into the Top Posts of last week. A beautiful preview of what is coming and what most of us probably have waited fo

A bit of everything – Facebook Top Posts Week 11

Let’s start this weeks Top Posts with the story of a dog that participated in the Iraq war. This post shows him reuniting with the soldier he was with the entire time while being stationed in the middle east. 4 whole

Welcome home – Top Posts Week 10

The most successful post of this week reached a level that is rarely seen. This picture of a little girl who was waiting her father at the airport took Facebook by storm.

A baby called Oscar(s) – Top Posts Week 9

The Oscars got awarded last night and ended up surprising a lot of people. But even though they were a popular topic last week, they weren’t the most popular one. They have to hand that position to the babies of Faceb

Junkfood and Olympics – Top Facebook Posts Week 8

Yesterday the olympics ended. With Russia claiming first place and the US squad disappointing by losing against Canada one might assume that most English speaking Facebook users would just ignore the event. But that’s

Sports and Patriotism – The Top Post Week 6

The top posts of this week have a vast amount of different topics. Unlike expected, the olympics play a rather unimportant role. Even though the U.S. having won multiple medals already, barely any posts can be found.

Hairstyles For Dolls – Top Posts Week 5

This weeks Top Posts were a bit different than what we expected them to be. Our predication was that the list would be drowned in Super Bowl posts, but it ended up completely different.

One reason for that is

RIP Nelson Mandela – the Top Posts Week 49

Last week Nelson Mandela died. A person everybody knew and, more important, everybody liked. Nowadays, if something like this happens everybody gets his smartphone, tablet or computer and posts something

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