New Feature for a better vista: The Top KPIs for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


New Feature for a better vista: The Top KPIs for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

There are innumerable and diverse evaluation possibilities for platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Aggregating all that data into an easy to understand and neat form is vital. That not only includes the pure presentation of facts, but also a continuous development and explanation of KPIs and relevant insights that were collected over the last years.

The latest feature by Fanpage Karma is a development from exactly that insight: From now on, additionally to using our set of KPIs, you can make your own suggestions, arrange existing indicators, and show or hide KPIs however it is useful for your own analyses. We already offer many KPIs but if you have suggestions or wishes just let us know and we’re happy to add them.

On your dashboard and in the benchmarking you can now manage your key figures. When you click on this function the key figures you can chose from open in an overlay window. Now you can easily pick the indicators you want to include in your Dashboard and hide the KPIs that are less relevant for you. You can also arrange the KPIs freely: By Drag & Drop you can change the way KPIs are sorted in the Dashboard just how you want it. Of course you can change that for every Dashboard and the new arrangement is also automatically adapted for Excel reports.

Obviously, this latest feature expanded our range of KPIs, so a small study of KPIs is necessary. In this extensive series we want to introduce you to the most important KPIs for social networks that you can analyze with Fanpage Karma and offer you a small work of reference. We hope you like it and are looking forward to your feedback and opinion! Here you will find the single parts of our series on KPIs of social networks:

1) Experts View: The right way of using and interpreting KPIs
2) Are you sharing already – the Top 5 Key Performance Indicators for more Brand Awareness on Facebook
3) More clicks – the Top 5 Key Performance Indicators for better Facebook performance
4) Faster, nicer, better – The Top 5 Key Performance Indicators to optimize your Customer Service on Facebook
5) Fly birdie! The Top 5 Key Performance Indicators for Twitter
6) Professional Broadcasting – The Top 3 Key Performance Indicators for YouTube

Test Fanpage Karma now! Are you curious about your own performance? You want to be the master of your own KPIs?

Article header by pylypenko unter CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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