More clicks – the Top 5 Key Performance Indicators for better Facebook performance


More clicks – the Top 5 Key Performance Indicators for better Facebook performance

For most companies one thing is especially important: Traffic to your own content. How well does Facebook perform in comparison to other communication tools? Do fans actually click the shared links? How good is the conversion? With the following indicators you never lose sight of traffic from Facebook:

5) Post Virality

First you need to analyze the reach of your posts to be able to push sharing by your fans. Post Virality helps with that. It shows how high the reach is in relation to the numbers of fans. This can show you whether you only reach a small number of your fans or whether seeding your content works so well that you even reach more users than „only“ fans of a page. Especially when looking at this number separated by organic and paid reach the success of posts becomes evident. But be aware: This indicator can only be accessed by administrators of a fanpage.

4) Ad Value

The ad value is calculated with the reach of posts and an average price for online ads (CPM). You can see how much money you would have had to spend with classic online ads to reach just as many people. The ad value is especially relevant in brand communications: How much money was saved by a social media presence? Especially handy: You can change prizes for different kinds of ads to reflect your individual costs.

3) Engaged Users per reach per day

While post virality makes a posts’ reach comparable, engaged users per reach per day show how active the users you reached actually are. Do they interact with your posts or just scroll over them? This indicator should be optimized to support an active community of fans – and with it better reach and click rates. This indicator is only available for admins of a fanpage.

2) Click Rate

Slowly we get down to the nitty gritty: How often do users actually click on posts of a fanpage? Those clicks can be clicks on the fanpage name, on posted images, videos, links, read mores, a.o. The click rate that Facebook offers includes all options to interact (clicks on pictures, videos, links or all) that a user has and helps gauging the performance of posts. The higher this click rate, the better. It shows how interesting the content is for your user and if the user is directed to the fanpage itself or other content of the page. This, too, is only accessible for fanpage admins.

1) Click-Through-Rate

King of the performance oriented indicators: The Click Through Rate (CTR). This is not an indicator offered by Facebook and is only accessible for fanpage admins on Fanpage Karma. Here, all posted links can be evaluated by their CTR individually. Admins see at one glance, how much traffic was generated with the reach of their posts and how that traffic was distributed between websites.

If you would like to know more about KPIs for Facebook, you can choose between indicators to increase brand awareness or to optimize service. Find out how to use KPIs the right way with opinions from several experts. Or click to the next part of our series on KPIs to find out more about Twitter and YouTube KPIs and their application.

Test Fanpage Karma now! Are you curious about your own performance? You want to be the master of your own KPIs?

Article header by ukanda under CC BY 2.0 license.

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