WhatsApp Community Management made easy


WhatsApp Community Management made easy

Are you using WhatsApp for your community management?

WhatsApp is perfect for a fast exchange of information between a company and their customers. For the community manager, however, it is yet another network that needs tending. We can make it real easy for you.

We just integrated WhatsApp into our community management tool Engage. For that purpose, we joined forces with MessengerPeople, a provider for professional messenger services. MessengerPeople provides us with the points of intersection that we need to retrieve WhatsApp messages that you can then reply to quickly and easily out of Engage

In order to use this offer, you have to be logged into a MessengerPeople account. 

Advantages of Engage

Engage is an inbox for all your email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp messages together. Like this, you have a great overview of all customer communication and you can react quickly and easily. These are the main features:

  • Manage all mentions, comments, requests, and conversations in a single tool with modern chat layout
  • Capture all comments on dark posts
  • Social Listening for every mention of your social media profiles, Twitter keywords, and Instagram hashtags
  • Highly efficient team management
  • Automated processes
  • External feedback function
  • Custom design

We designed these and a lot more features to improve your team workflow and make customer care as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Join us for a Trial!

Are you interested in taking Engage for a test spin? You and your team can join us for a free two-weeks-trial here.