I quit – Facebook Top Posts Week 39

This week’s Top Posts are far from what we expected them to look like. Almost no bended phones, no complaining customers, nothing. Unlike Twitter, Facebook wasn’t flooded with funny pictures about the flaws of the newest Apple product. Kinda

Only the best can compete – Social Media Ranking Champions League

This week we decided to have a look at the football clubs that are participating in one of the most prestigious international football league on the planet: the UEFA Champions League. Clubs from many different countries take

Do BuzzFeed & Co stumble because of the new Newsfeed algorithm?

Last month Facebook announced that there is a new Newsfeed algorithm that should detect and punish Like-Baits in the style of BuzzFeed & Co. It shall improve the quality of the Newsfeed and restrict the bait of clicks.

That didn’t go as expected – Facebook Top Posts Week 38

This week’s top posts are full of failure. All kinds of weird situations, including some that people were totally unaware of. Let’s start with accidents. Or shall we call it stupidity? Imagine you’re visiting an Apple Store, purchase

A nightmare for penguins – Facebook Top Posts Week 37

Last week was dominated by a handful of really popular topics and a weird, but also interesting offer. One thing the Facebook community kept talking about was the crazy weather in certain parts of Canada, Calgary

One store for everything – Supermarket Chains on Social Media

American supermarket chains are some of the biggest in the world. They provide food, clothes and other useful goods. Goods that people need on a daily basis. But do they also provide entertainment outside of their stores?

Just animal things – Top Posts Week 36

Looks like a zoo in here. This week’s top posts are mostly about animals. A vast amount of different ones, most of them in rather weird situations. But let’s get started with the theft of a cow. Yes,

Leaving books behind – Publishers on Social Media

This week we are looking at publishers. Every year the print industry loses a little bit of its influence, focusing more and more on online platforms, articles and blog posts. But is this development noticeable on Social